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Brit Con 2014 and Beyond

Brit Con 2 2014 was a great success. We had about as many registrants as last pocket option demo account year and received some great feedback.

As we announced at closing ceremonies, there will not be a Brit Con 2015. There are several reasons for this:

We are looking for a new date -- May had just too many conventions! Also, next year, the Honor Harrington (works of author David Weber) themed convention Manticon will be on Memorial Day weekend.

We need to rebuild our concommittee. We have too few people taking on too many roles to grow the convention and continue to provide the fun convention that we have had for the past two years. (If you want to volunteer to pocket option e confiavel help make Brit Con 3 happen, here is your invite!)

We needed more time. It really takes about 18 months to put on a convention and do it right. We were busy up until the start of Brit Con 2 2014 with the current convention.

Brit Con Potluck and Film Party!

See the Events Page for more details
September 27th, 2014: 5PM until 11PM
Waterbury Building
1121 Jackson St NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
Free to Brit Con 2 members & guests. Others: suggested $5 donation.
Film Line up to include old and new sit coms, British commercials and a full featur film!
Download the flyer (pdf), and share with your friends!
Visit our FaceBook event page and RSVP!

Brit Con Joins Forces With Manticon

The folks running Manticon, came to us early in their planning process pocket option demo trading and asked how we could work together, since it looked like their convention would fall on "our" weekend. Do we run seperate conventions? Do we run a combined convention? What do we do?

We decided that the BritCon folks would provide some programming at Manticon. We haven't decided exactly what this will be, but it could be a film room , a programming track or some combination. All we can say right now is "Stay Tuned!"

May 22 -24, 2015
Hilton Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Mall of America
Confirmed Guests David Weber and Timothy Zahn

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